About Us

Welcome to ArabLocalizer

Arabic Localizer is a Localization and Translation agency that specializes in professional Arabic, Middle Eastern and African Languages Translation.
Our team are experts in their individual fields, and certified by renowned institutions, possess advanced degrees, and extensive experience within their industry.
Every project, regardless of size, is handled by a Project Manager (PM) who strives to meet our clients' expectations by providing the highest quality service. We make ourselves available during every stage of the project, and every project implemented by us passes four phases : 1 - Translation, 2 - Editing, 3 – proofreading, 4 - QA checks.
Our area of expertise are :- Technology & IT- Science, Business & Marketing and Legal & Financial.


Our vision is to become the first choice in the Middle East for professional translation and localization services. We intend not only to create a bridge between the Middle East and African countries and the rest of the world, but also to establish internal localization links between the countries of the region to facilitate your business development and ensure your success.


Our mission is to provide you with the best professional translations available and to carry out your localization projects successfully with the highest quality possible, using our Experience through our professional in-house resources for first-class results.


  • We possess the knowledge, skills and tools to ensure that our Clients can successfully expand into global markets with documents that capture their brand image and tailor it for new markets. Our DTP experts have studied the diverse local market tastes and preferences in depth, and gained outstanding experience in all phases of the content life cycle, i.e. authoring, design, formatting, and printing. 


Translation Services

  • Document Translation - Document translation into Arabic
  • Website Translation - Website translation and localization 
  • Editing, Review and LQA – Best Quality
  • Localization - Translating technical files for websites, apps
  • Software Localization - online interfaces, and user manuals



  • Transcreation, the art of evoking the same emotions and conveying the same meaning in a wide variety of languages and cultures, is a complex and nuanced process that requires expert linguists and collaborators. In addition to marketing and advertising experience, our linguists have experience in a wide variety of industries and understand the subtle adaptations required by the transcreation process. Every project is reviewed by a panel of marketing linguists who provide feedback on the tone of the message in the target culture. In this way, we are able to guarantee the integrity of your brand, image and message, while providing new deliverables that will have the desired impact on the intended audience.



  • Arab Localizer can translate your audio and video media from and into Arabic Arabic, Middle Eastern and African Languages. We can also input dialog lists or subtitles into video formats with time coding.
    We understand that subtitling is the most efficient way of making an audio or video program universally applicable. With years of experience in content translation, our proficient teams of native translators create quality subtitles, that complement both the audio and visuals of any program.
    Being experienced in their respective fields, our linguistic experts effectively study and analyze every audio and visual input during the content creation process. They then create quality subtitles by replacing words in the original document with a synonym that expresses the same feeling. Thus, the translated subtitles which we offer communicate the original message without changing its meaning.